Qualified to Care

CarePass is all you need for real-time management and checking of credentials, certs, training records, and inspections of both workers and equipment.


We’ve been expecting you.

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Managing employees’ credentials, checking contractors’ certificates, inductions for staff and contractors and access control headaches. CarePass helps you stay in control and saves you time.

Online Induction

Working with you, we can convert your content into high impact, effective and branded online inductions for you, your staff and contractors.


Manage Staff Credentials

You can easily manage each employees certificates and credentials using our web or mobile apps, saving you valuable time.

Check Contractors Certificates

It’s fast, easy and accurate to check contractors certs in real time using CarePass. Stop chasing contractors for certs, use CarePass.

Both In-House & Universal

The beauty of CarePass is that it is not just a closed In-House System.

You can manage your own employees’ credentials in the In-house side of CarePass. But what about contractors who work for your company?

Easy, the contractor uploads and manages their own certs to their own account in CarePass. They are issued with a unique number and Smart ID card.

The contractor can give you access to their ID card or CarePass number which you can then use to check the contractors’ credentials using the mobile or web app.

Using the CarePass smart card or ID number any company who employs the contractor can check the contractors’ credentials in real time.

The contractor only has to upload the credentials once! And then allow others to view the credentials. The person employing the contractor does not have to manage the contractors’ certs in their system but they can check and record the contractors’ certs within their own account!

Staying Compliant

With fines, heavy penalties or worse you know how important it is to stay compliant with regulations. With QualEpass you will always know the status of your employees’ credentials and be able to check the certs of any contractor working for you.
It’s fast and easy, online and in real time.

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